About Us


Our home, House of Stole is an artisanal company that manufactures handwoven kente stoles for individuals and groups who want to celebrate their significant life milestones. Through this company we provide a personalized and seamless experience to help preserve the ancient craft of kente weaving and to educate people about the rich history of the fabric and the cultures connected to it. With this fabric, we help people celebrate their important life milestones. 
We present this opportunity to weave your own story, to connect directly to this artform that has been  a part of Ghanaian culture for centuries. Thus, we have built a platform that helps you mark your big days in big ways, with authentic one-of-a-kind memorabilia that evoke special timeless feelings.
 House of Stole was born for this!
 At House of Stole, we're always looking beyond photographs and videos, for interesting and unique ways to capture significant moments. Graduation is one of such precious moments. It's one of life's big moments, shared with loved ones-- the culmination of years of hard work and learning. It’s only natural that graduands want personalized, bespoke memorabilia that will adorn their bodies and mark their achievements in a way that allows them to joyfully relive the day for a long time to come.
Headquartered in Tema, Ghana, the company has worked with clients in Canada, France, USA, Zimbabwe, England, and The Gambia, and has even woven a stole worn by Oprah Winfrey!
Since its launch, House of Stole has woven thousands of stoles for individuals, organizations and schools worldwide. It has proven enormously popular with prominent universities and organizations, such as Harvard University, New York University, Wellesley College, Yale University and Columbia University. 
Today, House of Stole has grown to incorporate various aspects of our passions and values, as we continue to memorialize significant life moments. We tell stories, teach lessons and show different aspects of our rich cultural heritage that we believe matter.