Voices of Kente: Advice, Lessons & Stories. 

At House of Stole, preserving African art and culture is our passion. We are also committed to, educating, celebrating, and sharing the beauty and magnificence of African excellence.  Through this VOKALS Storytelling Series, we shed light on some of the incredible work that Africans in Africa are doing or have done.  

This is an opportunity to own our stories, and to present ourselves to the world as we would like to be seen, and known. VOKALS shares the life stories and work of people who have gone off the beaten path, or faced incredible challenges in their lives, and have found ways to overcome, and continue to pursue their dreams. 

We focus on leaders, artisans, cultural icons, and on everyday people who are living their lives in a way that represents the embodiment of Black Excellence. 

Starting from the most inspiring stories, in Ghana, we hope to work our way through bringing you lessons from all over the continent, and subsequently, the world, to show all the different ways in which black lives are making the kind of difference that truly matters.